i believe in horses & big dreams

It started with pony rides at age 4, lessons at age 5 and my own horse in our backyard by age 8. Even during the few decades where I had to give up horses because of a hectic career and too much business travel, they never left my thoughts.

When I got back into horses at age 45, it was physical therapy for a jenky shoulder after my mastectomy.....and then of course, my heart exploded with the joy of being around horses again.

Today, at age 56 my husband and I care for 4 horses on our small ranch in Northern California, plus my heart horse who lives at a boarding facility.

In 2020 I launched an Etsy shop that featured equestrian themed candles. As the business grew, I began adding self-care products to the offering. In 2022, my original idea had expanded so much that I realized a name change and updated mission was in order. And so, stable & fields was born.